LC Waikiki Chairman Vahap Kucuk shared the evaluations of 2017 and targets of 2018. At the press conference that he shared 120 new opening in international (first entrance in 12 new countries).He said he would open 30 new stores in Turkey and reached to a total of a thousand stores and turnover will be increased 33% to 16,2 billion Turkish Lira(about 4 bn$) .

Chairman said that they are continuing to grow in 2023 to become one of the three most successful European fashion brands. He said that they aim to reach 1500 stores in 2023 and exceed 6 billion dollars abroad and a total of 10 billion dollars in turnover. “We will have achieved sustainability principles with employee, customer and supplier satisfaction, social responsibility. We have determined the ratio to ourselves as key performance indicators”

1724 products in a minute,

He said that they will complete 2017 with a turnover of about 3,4 billion USD by achieving a  total  30% growth. He said “In 2017, we opened 137 new stores (41 in Turkey and 96 international)  in 2017. We reached 833 stores. Our stores are visiting 12 million customers a week.This means it is more people than the population of Greece. By selling 1,724 products in a minute, we sold a total of 436 million products in 2017″

Stores in the World

 “We are the market leader in 15 countries as well as being an important player in the sector. In 2018, we are making preparations to be even more active in 12 countries such as Croatia, Greece and South Africa. “

Target: 825 Million USD Export

Vahap Küçük, who stated that they will have realized $ 600 million exports at the end of 2017. He said: “We are progressing step by step towards our targets in the fashion retail sector in 2023 in the global arena. Along with our branded exports, we offer not only products but also our concept abroad. We are also exporting bags, hangers, mannequins, accessories from the furniture used in the opening of every new store. By 2018 we will export 170 million products to our international stores and aim to realize a total of $ 825 million of LC Waikiki exports “.

Total Emloyees will be 50,000

He said the 2018 total of 1.5 million square meters of store space by 8 thousand new people by providing more employment opportunities for LC Waikiki. The number of employees they aimed to 50 thousand  in 2018. We have  469 stores in Turkey and in 38 countries, including the 364 overseas and total  833 stores. So “thanks to all of them by representing the best values ​​of our country in the global arena we contribute to Turkey’s perception of the brand,” he said.

The most women working and working in women manager company

Vahap Küçük explained the company’s achievements, saying that LC Waikiki has a very proud table in many areas, from employment to brand awareness: “We are the company that employs the most people in the retail sector with 42,000 employees. We are the second company in all sectors. 23 thousand women working with our providing employment for most women in Turkey. Our most female executives thousand 700 women executives as the company works. About 55 percent of all our employees are women. Another issue that make us proud, according to the 2016 corporate tax ranking 15th in Turkey. Linkedin selected the Best Employer Brand in Turkey’s garment and retailing sectors.”

Online sales %50 growth

LC Waikiki.com is the first in the monobrand category in Turkey. The company’s total sales in expressing located at 3 percent of digital’s share , “lcwaikiki.com” grew 50 percent this year, 9.2 million units of product sales by 200 million TL(55 million $) reached . These numbers carried us to the first rank in the monobrand category. We aim to grow by 125% in our e-commerce activities. We are aiming for 456 million TL(125 million $)turnover on the e-commerce side. ”


Vahap Küçük stated that they will reach to 165 stores by 2018 . They have reached 87 stores by increasing the number of existing sales points in 2017 in the home textile category they entered in 2016.

1,3 Million Products delivered in the day

Vahap Küçük, who shares the important figures for the company in logistics while carrying out all this major operation in the global market. He announced that they were shipping 1.3 million pieces of products a day from 485 thousand square meters of logistics area

2,000 tested at the day

“As LC Waikiki, we are keeping the safety and human health in all our products with our wide range of products. We are committed to bringing quality and fashion to our consumers at an affordable price,” explains Vahap Küçük. “In order to make sure that the products we offer to you are not harmful to human beings and nature, we are doing about 700 thousand tests per year.


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